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The Midlothian Downtown Business Association is dedicated to the promotion and success of downtown business and property owners. The organization provides a cohesive voice for merchants and property owners while helping preserve the culture of downtown.

The activities of MDBA are intended to improve business conditions as well as increase business opportunities.

Our Mission

  • To promote the business and culture of the Downtown Area

  • To create an atmosphere of pride and excitement in the Area

  • To grow the economic base of the Downtown Area

  • To connect members through open, informative, regular communication

  • To maintain dialogue with City Officials and Staff to ensure continued emphasis on the development and enhancement to the Downtown Area

The Historic Downtown area includes W Avenue C to the north, Main Street to the south, N 5th Street to the west and 11th Street to the east.

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Dallas-Fort Worth artist Kyle Wadsworth was commissioned by MDBA and 4B to paint a 16-by-35-foot mural in downtown Midlothian.  He said the mural in Midlothian is one of a couple of his most challenging, along with the Dr. Delphinium art.

“Recreating the look of an old sepia tone photograph was tough. It has soft edges and the details only make sense when you back away from the wall. I was constantly backing away to see what I was painting,” he said.

“I am very excited about the new mural in downtown (Midlothian). Kyle did a fantastic job,” said Stephen Hidlebaugh of Leasing Impressions, the company that commissioned the project. “Not only is it a great art piece, it also evokes the history of Midlothian from the early 20th century. It’s a real compliment to the city and I hope it will be a catalyst for more works of art in town.”


Every year MDBA puts out collectible ornaments that commemorate something about historic Midlothian. These are a big hit with locals!

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